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July 31, 2020

Suggesting Several Screen Siblings: Part II

I’ve noticed two actors who I think would make a damn good pairing as siblings, so here is a suggestion for their team-up and the movie.

Aubrey Plaza & Stephanie Beatriz

Legion star Aubrey Plaza, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz, and Genesis Rodriguez were fearsome sororal superheroes known as the Furies. But then the solar flare that had made them gifted flamed out and erased their powers. Reeling from the loss the older sisters became estranged as the once-telepathic Plaza became an FBI special agent while the once-invulnerable and super-strong Beatriz retreated from the world and became a reclusive successful comic-book artist, struggling to be taken seriously for her legitimate painting. After nearly a decade they must grudgingly re-unite to solve the murder of their younger sister, who had become a reality TV star. But as the sisters work the case a new solar flare begins to erupt and their powers begin to falteringly return. Whoever killed their kid sister should be very afraid because whatever investigation these two begin with conventional weapons and tactics won’t end that way in this mordant neo-noir and lo-fi superhero movie.

July 24, 2020

The Doors: 10 Songs

Break On Through

Light My Fire

The End

Strange Days

People Are Strange

When The Music’s Over

The Unknown Soldier

Hyacinth House

LA Woman

Riders on the Storm

July 14, 2020

Led Zeppelin: 10 Songs

Whole Lotta Love

What is and what should never be

Ramble On

Immigrant Song

Bron-y-aur Stomp

Black Dog

Misty Mountain Hop

Stairway to Heaven

The Rain Song


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