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January 19, 2020

Any Other Business: Part XLII

As the title suggests, so forth.

Alas, poor Dave

It was upsetting at the end of Rick Stein’s Secret France recently to discover that Stein’s long-time director/producer David Pritchard had died during the making of their latest entertaining exercise in being galloping gourmands. His off-camera snarks; the black risotto that made Stein’s lips oddly alluring; his occasional in-camera appearances beside Stein to question him about some dish; the beef that was too dry; or chivvy him about his choice of locale; Berlin in winter, just, why?; his resolute stick-in-the-mud approach to exotic cuisine; must the mole ruin the chicken by having chocolate sauce; all these made him a sort of stand-in for the audience, more likely to join the crew in longing for fish and chips than join Rick in fermented shark followed by blasting the taste out of consciousness with a shot of nigh-lethal potato vodka. From Venice to Istanbul, Road to Mexico, and Long Weekends were favourites of my Dad and they will continue to be re-run because they are so delightful. Thanks, Dave.

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