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November 30, 2019

Top 5 Hitchcock Films not directed by Hitchcock

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(5) Seven

David Fincher has displayed a flair for showy suspense in a number of his films, think of the taut escape thru an open plan house in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and this strikingly old-fashioned movie could be the work of the Hitchcock of Frenzy.


(4) What Lies Beneath

Robert Zemeckis’ 2000 homage to Hitchcock amazingly features both jokey references and real terror. Zemeckis deliberately structures the start of the film as a Rear Window clone, only to reveal that’s all been a shaggy dog story. What follows could come straight from Hitchcock’s steamer trunk of unfilmed ideas, a particular highlight being when Michelle Pfeiffer is drugged and left to die in a slowly, very slowly filling bath-tub.


(3) Charade

Stanley Donen borrows Cary Grant for a jaunt four years after North by Northwest in a caper that is both slyly sending up Hitchcock and yet also following his playbook for real.


(2) The Big Clock

Charles Laughton had starred in Jamaica Inn, Hitchcock’s last British movie, and he plays a marvellous villain here as the murderous newspaper editor who instructs his investigative journalism team to solve the murder he’s committed but which he’s framed the head journalist for. Ray Milland would go on to appear in Dial M for Murder.


(1) Les Diaboliques

Director Henri-Georges Clouzot allegedly stole the rights to the novel from under the nose of Hitchcock by a matter of hours, so the writers made it up to Hitch by penning their next novel for him. It became Vertigo… Clouzot’s 1955 masterpiece sees Vera Clouzot and Simone Signoret plot to murder their brutish husband and lover respectively. Their ingenious plan springs a leak, however, when his body disappears… Clouzot eschews music except for the dissonant opening credits, and racks the tension higher and higher, with a French Columbo and an exceptional final suspense sequence.

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